About Us

Who We Are

            Wild VFX is an artist driven studio founded in the year 2015, we craft contents across the globe focusing on Feature Films, Televisions and Streaming. Our network of integrated facilities provide services including Visual Effects, 3D Animation, Digital Intermediate and Motion Graphics with highest standard of quality. 

With our passionate and experienced artist we redefine the level of possibility to dream big. Wild VFX thrives to deliver excellence in every project we work with, come engage with us to see your creative visions on big screens.

On Set VFX Supervision

Visual Effects

Digital Intermediate

Info graphics / Motion graphics

What We Do




 With an in depth experience in VFX pipeline, we have tailored a unique workflow to meet the requirements and offer top quality results. We collaborate and work closely with our clients to provide ‘One-stop’ solution for Visual Effects and Digital Intermediate.

– Supervise and Execute the VFX Shot with a blend of Technical and Artistic approach
– Outsource Management
– Scripts breakdown for VFX Budgeting
– Concept through completion
– Onset VFX Supervision
– Renderfarm Solution
– Color Grading